Basic Bangla Courses


Basic Bangla Courses

Basic Courses (Bangla)

Features of Agape Language Center is in its courses. We focus to make the courses practical and enjoyable. After completing the courses each of the participants are able to capture the basics of the language and can speak in Bangla with their friends, family members, colleagues and their target group of people.

Our basic courses are well designed into three methods. After completion of our basic courses the students will be able to learn, read, write and speak.


  • How to pronounce, read and write Bangla vowels, medial vowels, consonants, combined letters, words and sentences correctly
  • Basic Bangla grammar such as - personal pronouns, nouns, pronouns, tenses, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions ( as a post positions), conjunctions, interjections, simple sentence constructions, comparisons, sentence structures, sentence formations etc
  • Conversion on seeking assistance, hiring local transports, on making acquaintances, queries on the availability of daily groceries in the market or shopping places, giving instructions how to interact with Bangladeshi families, relatives, friends, neighbors or colleagues in different places during different occasions; questioning a person on different subjects, taking information etc.